This journal is by Alex P from Cape Town in his fanciful mood.  The Inconsequential Diary is a collection of occasional writings reflecting a wry look at the world in all its facets.

There is no aim to the blog, neither is there a unifying theme or specialist topic.  Most of the journal entries are eclectic and based on fact.  The entries are at times humorous, cynical or off-beat, sometimes all three.

Pages of the blog include Travel, Life Lessons, and the Cape Town scene.

For whom might it be mildly interesting?  Those needing a break; people who go about the world with a light touch; chronic self-deprecators; espousers of lost causes; aspirant lovers, people who have given up being of consequence; Cynicism 101 students and jaded travelers.

Who needn’t bother?  The overbearing; the overly serious; the intense.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for your appearance on my tumblr! It’s an honor. I love your blog and I’d love talk to you someday!

  2. I farm with the Lichtenstein hartebeest in polokwane in Limpopo. you are welcome to come see them on my farm. only 5 famers in south Africa have these animals.

    • Many thanks for your kind offer Mr du Preez. I would gladly like to take up your offer when I’m in your part of the world again, which will only perhaps be planned for next year as I live far away in Cape Town! Do keep well and good luck with the game farming and those magnificent animals, Alex

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