Cape Town Scene

Cape Town Scene is about experiences in and around Cape Town from a quirky perspective

Entry 1: What NOT to do in Cape Town

Entry2: Sexual Challenge in Franglais

Entry 3: Pain and Bondage at Sexpo

Entry 4: Casanova’s Mercedes

Entry 5: Saved by Second Parachute

Entry 6: Becoming a Scuba Diver – Taking the PADI 1 Plunge

Entry 7: Up, Up and Away in a Magical Balloon

Entry 8: Paragliding the Hard Way

Entry 9:  Hairy ballet

Entry 10: Horse riding on a Cape Town beach

Entry 11: Pilates party

Entry 12: Gabor joins Security

Entry 13: My Christmas Week, told Mitch-style

Entry 14: Svelte Sophisticates at Willoughby’s Sushi








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